In order to make our drill bit with great drilling performance, we need you provide geologic information as follows:

Rock Name:

Such as: Quartz, Chert, Jasper, Quartzite, Taconites, Granite, Andesite ……

Broken level:

— Extremely to slightly broken rock formation
— moderately to slightly broken rock formation
— Slightly broken to competent rock formation
— competent rock formation
— very competent rock formation

Hard Level:

— Ultra hard
— Extremely hard
— Very hard
— Hard
— Medium hard
— Medium
— Medium soft
— Soft


— Extremely to slightly abrasive
— Abrasive
— Moderately abrasive
— Slightly abrasive
— Slightly abrasive or non-abrasive
— Non-abrasive

The specification of drill rig you currently use:

Drilling depth (between):

Picture of rock formation (Similar as following pictures):